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Ninjas hide from the society, and live in the darkness.
They built the Ninja village under the ground of metropolitan.
Enjoy the only experience and entertainment here!

忍者服のスタッフ 料理

Here lies the concealed village where ninjas dwell surreptitiously at this worldwide peaceful era after the time of war and disaster. As thou go through the threatening path no opponents could possibly approach, that leads thee to our concealed place. Thou will be then invited to the ninja house with a pond nearby. There, insects chirp, waterfall streams and mist is all around. We ninjas will treat thee with our traditional mysteries of an art. We offer cuisines full of surprise and beauty. The master ninja will amaze thee with their ninja magic.
Experience at our village makes thee lose track of time.
Ninjas are expecting the arrival of princess, lord and young master. Quietly but eagerly.



About the
Ninja magic


The Ninja tricks are ticks made in Japan done by professional magicians. Though the mechanism may be similar to normal magic, the tools and manners are used and shown differently.
You can enjoy the professional Ninja magic as part of your dinner course.
Tipping or giving a drink to the master Ninja is more than welcome.


Please enjoy
the Ninja magic
with your naked eye

Occasionally we see customers focused on filming the master Ninja or your company.
We would appreciate if you could refrain from filming and would love for you to enjoy the fine polished Ninja tricks with your naked eye.
We welcome you to take a photo after the performance is done, with the master Ninja.

Please allow enough time for your visit. We recommend our guests to use restrooms before visiting us. Restrooms are located on the basement floor outside the restaurant. We apologize for any inconvenience.




The exact location of NINJA TOKYO will only be provided to customers who have made reservations. The address is the basement floor of the Shin-Otemachi Building, 2-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Closed on Sundays, National Holidays, and New Year's Day (1st to 3rd) due to tenant building closure. Open every day from Monday to Saturday (except Japanese national holidays). Lunch time: 11:30 am ~ 2:30 pm (last entry at 12:30 pm), Dinner time: 5:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm (last entry at 8:00 pm)

We offer course meals that allow you to enjoy ninja entertainment. Please enjoy our creative and elaborate cuisine. The main dish will be a stone kiln charcoal-grilled steak of Sawai beef, the highest quality brand of Omi beef, one of Japan's three major beef breeds.The main dish is a stone-oven charcoal-grilled beef steak of Sawai brand. It is the highest quality brand of Omi beef, one of the three Japanese beef species. Children are also served a child course meal.

We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, but we may not be able to do so depending on the content. A special vegetarian course is available (13,200 yen, tax incl., serv. excl.) .

We offer course meals only, starting at 13,200 yen (tax incl., serv. excl.). For children, the "Shinobi Course" is available at 8,800 yen (tax incl., serv. excl.) .

Please allow at least 2 hours for lunch and 2.5 hours for dinner. If you have time constraints, please feel free to contact us by email.

As it is based on customers who are able to enjoy a course meal, we regret that we do not accept infants and toddlers.

The normal entry route for entertainment is not available, but the other entrance is wheelchair accessible. Please feel free to contact us for seating arrangements.

It is possible, but we will charge 5,500 yen per bottle (750ml) (tax incl., serv. excl.).

Yes, you can. However, please note that taking photos and videos of the ninjutsu (magic) performed by the provanced ninja is not permitted. Our provanced ninjas request you to see the real ninjutsu with your eyes.

Free Wi-Fi is available. We hope you enjoy our ninjas' entertainment, and you can take home movies or photos to remember your experiences.

All seats are non-smoking.

There is no dress code, but please be aware that there are steps and bridges to cross.

You can place your order through our reservation website. Ninja Castle Cake (¥4,400 tax and service charge not included) and Fuji Cake (7,700 yen, tax and service charge not included) are available. A congratulatory message is available upon request.

In order to perform our best entertainment, we accommodate a maximum of 10 people for a reservation. If you would like to book more than 11 people, you can email us in advance to consult your needs.

Only the price of the course meal can be consulted for your needs. We will charge the credit card registered when making a reservation on the Internet. Also, it is possible to change the name of your reservation.

Please refer to the cancellation policy posted on our reservation site. Please contact us by email at least 4 days in advance for any changes or cancellations.


B1, Shin-Otemachi Building,
2-1, Otemachi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Directly connected to Otemachi Station
「Exit B3」near the Tozai Line



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